Create an API token

As a debusine user

If you have regular user access to debusine, you need to connect to the web interface, authenticate yourself, click on “Tokens” on your user menu at the top right of the page, then follow the instructions to create a new token.

You can enter a comment to document the expected use of the token and decide if you want to enable it immediately or not. After submission, you will receive the generated token, which you should save immediately as the token won’t be shown again.

As a debusine administrator

If you are a debusine administrator, then you can rely on the ref:debusine-admin <debusine-admin-cli> command to create a new token for any user:

$ sudo -u debusine-server debusine-admin create_token john-smith --comment "Testing Debusine"

The token will be printed to the standard output. The token can then be sent to the user.

Next steps

The token will generally be used to configure the debusine client.