Release history

0.2.1 (2024-03-07)


  • Add a Celery worker for server-side tasks.


  • Trim down dependencies slightly.


  • Require KVM access for simplesystemimagebuild task.

  • Change container to instance in Incus templates.

  • Log task completion.

  • Restrict tasks to workers that support the requested architecture.


  • Improve home page slightly.


  • Enforce mypy project-wide, including all Django components.

0.2.0 (2024-02-29)


  • Added artifact file storage system.

  • Debian developers can use Debusine to run various QA tasks against packages they are preparing. Those tasks can be scheduled through the API or through the web UI.

Note that it is not possible to directly migrate a database installed using 0.1.0. Migrations from this release to future releases will be possible.


  • Implement file storage.

  • Implement artifact handling.

  • Implement expiration of artifacts and their files.

  • Run database migrations on debusine-server package upgrade.

  • Add debusine-admin monthly_cleanup command, run from a systemd timer.

  • Link work requests to workspaces.

  • Add debusine-admin create_user, debusine-admin list_users, and debusine-admin manage_user commands.

  • Link tokens to users.

  • Allow email notifications if a work request fails.

  • Depend on python3-daphne.

  • Ensure all local artifacts are JSON-serializable.

  • Add debusine-admin create_workspace, debusine-admin list_workspaces, and debusine-admin manage_workspace commands.

  • Use WorkRequest workspace in artifacts.

  • Add default expiration delay to workspaces.

  • Add API to list work requests.

  • Make sure the Django app’s secret key is never publicly readable.

  • Mark workers as disconnected on debusine-server startup.

  • Use Restart=on-failure rather than Restart=always in debusine-server.service.

  • Add debusine-admin info command to help with setting up deployments.

  • Add daily artifact cleanup timer.

  • Use pydantic models for artifact data.

  • Add remote, read-only file storage backend for external Debian archives.

Web UI

  • Add web UI for work requests and workspaces.

  • Add login/logout support to web UI, allowing access to non-public workspaces.

  • Allow registering/removing user API keys using the web UI.

  • Allow uploading artifacts using the web UI.

  • Refinements to web UI for work requests.

  • Make Django aware of HTTP/HTTPS state of requests.

  • Fix download error with empty artifact file and document mmap usage.

  • Implement integration with Salsa Single Sign-On.

  • Add lintian view.

  • Polish various aspects of the web UI.

  • Add autopkgtest view.

  • Fetch images for tasks directly, not via a tarball.


  • Rename client’s configuration key from debusine to api-url.

  • Add --data option to debusine create-work-request.

  • Rename debusine work-request-status to debusine show-work-request.

  • Add debusine on-work-request-completed to allow running a command when a work request completes.

  • debusine.client: Drop obsolete silent keyword, and stricter prototype tests.

  • Add debusine --debug option to debug HTTP traffic.

  • Implement a package downloader (dget).

  • Implement a paginated listing API client.

  • Add API client method for listing all work requests.

  • Add debusine list-work-requests command.

  • Add debusine import-debian-artifact command.


  • Modify sbuild task to use artifacts.

  • Add pre-upload consistency checks on sbuild results.

  • Rename worker’s configuration key from debusine-url to api-url.

  • Upload sbuild log files even if the .dsc file did not exist.

  • Add piuparts task.

  • Add lintian task.

  • Add autopkgtest task.

  • Add mmdebstrap task.

  • Avoid trying to add debusine-worker user in postinst if it already exists.

  • Add image caching for executor backends.

  • Add unshare executor.

  • Port the autopkgtest and piuparts tasks to unshare.

  • Use Restart=on-failure rather than Restart=always in debusine-worker.service.

  • Make tasks check whether their tools are installed.

  • Use a lock to protect execution of the work request.

  • Add blhc task.

  • Add simplesystemimagebuild task.

  • Use pydantic models for task data.

  • Log exceptions in task preparation and clean-up.

  • Add Incus executor (for both containers and VMs).

  • Add a qemu executor, currently only for autopkgtest and sbuild tasks.


  • Drop the “slug” field and the “repository” type.

  • Document debian:package-build-log artifact in ontology.

  • Document using to change settings.

  • Create an overview document with an elevator-pitch-style introduction.

  • Add initial design for autopkgtest and lintian tasks.

  • Add initial design for system tarball artifacts and debootstrap-like tasks.

  • Add initial design for tasks building system disk images.

  • Update the description of the sbuild task.

  • Restructure the documentation following the Diátaxis principles.

  • Clarify copyright notice, contributor status and list of contributors.

  • Enable the Sphinx copybutton plugin.

  • Add some documentation for the Python client API.

  • Improve the “Getting started with debusine” tutorial.

  • Add documentation for debusine-admin commands.

  • Add “Install your first debusine instance” tutorial.

  • Add initial design for collections.

  • Refine design for workflows.


  • Harmonize license to be GPL-3+ everywhere.

  • Support pydantic 1 and 2.

  • Apply mypy, pyupgrade, and shellcheck consistently.

  • Sync (Build-)Depends with setup.cfg.

0.1.0 (2022-09-09)

Initial release. Includes a server that can drive many workers over a worker-initiated websocket connection, where the workers use the server’s API to get work requests and provide results. There is an sbuild task that workers can run.