Add a new user

With debusine-admin

The debusine administrator can use the debusine-admin command to create a new user:

$ sudo -u debusine-server debusine-admin create_user john-smith

The password for this user will be printed on the stdout.

The email is required and used to send notifications (e.g. when a job fails) if the debusine server is configured to send emails, a channel is created on the server and the work request include the notification settings.

The command manage_user can be used to change the email. The Django native command changepassword can be used to change the password of the user.

Automatic creation with Single Sign On support

If you have configured Single Sign On, users that can authenticate with the configured OIDC provider will have an account automatically created upon their first login (this can be somewhat controlled with the restrict parameter of the OIDC provider configuration).